German man +-30y

Comédien-ne, Figurant-e

Description du casting

For a customer that sells a nice service for families, we need to organise a testimonial. The video will be published on the website and social networks.

We are looking for : a grand ma, a grand child (+-30y), a founder (+-30y). For each of them we are looking for Italian natives, english natives and german natives. Shooting will be done asap and will last a half day.

Interested ? Send us an email at, with a picture and a demo, if you have one. 

300€ per person.


German man +-30y

Will act as the founder of the company. Needs to be easy going and selfconfident. a bit charismatic is good.

Comédien-neFigurant-e Type de profil : Professionnel (métiers artistiques et non-artistiques)
Sexe : homme Âge apparent : 25-30 ans Âge apparent : 30-35 ans