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Actress (20 to 35) - Student film SAE

Silhouette, Figurant-e

Description du casting

We are looking to cast 7 actors to portray various characters in an upcoming student short film that will be shot during the week of the 3rd of January.

The film is set around an argumentative and eccentric Kurt and Courtney type punk couple who find themselves caught up in a robbery after pulling over to the nearest gas station.

The only general requirements for all the characters are that you need to fluently be able to speak English and act in it comfortably with the previously mentioned exception of Maria, who also has a few lines in Spanish later in the story as well so a familiarity with the language would be appreciated.

The filming would take place the week of the 3/01/2022.

The intention with the film is to create a 15 to 20 minute colourful joyride into a strange and timeless world that balances emotional drama with the inevitable comedy and excitement of the exaggerated situation presented.

If interested and for more details, please email me at

We hope to hear from you!

Actress (20 to 35) - Student film SAE

A female actress from the ages 20 to 35 to portray one of the two leads. Maria, an eccentric and enigmatic Marla Singer type of character who embodies one half of the rocky relationship while also being at the emotional core of the film. A detail to note is that she has a few lines in Spanish.

SilhouetteFigurant-e Type de profil : Étudiant (écoles sup. artistiques ou techniques) Type de profil : Professionnel (métiers artistiques et non-artistiques)
Sexe : femme Âge apparent : 20-25 ans Âge apparent : 25-30 ans Âge apparent : 30-35 ans